Terms of Trading

1) A hotel booking is binding as soon as a reservation and a confirmation have been made.


2) Hotel rooms are available to guests from 14.00 onwards on the arranged day of arrival. Rooms should be vacated by 11.00 on the day of departure. Unless a special, individual arrangement with the hotel has been made regarding arrival time, the hotel reserves the right, to rent out unoccupied rooms after 18.00. In case of delays or lateness, please inform the reception.


3) In situations, where the hotel is unable to provide (booked and confirmed in advance) accommodation, an alternative has to be made available. This can be of an equivalent value in the Heeren`s hotel or in another hotel in the city.


4) Hotel services / extra arrangements have to be paid at the normal tariff even if they are not used or consumed. At the hotel`s discretion a discount may be granted for reduced costs. This would be then set against the costs of  booked rooms or other arrangements.


Cancellation 30 days or more before arrival no costs.
Cancellation 14 – 29 days before arrival 30 % of payment is due.
0 – 13 days before arrival 50 % is due.


5) The hotel`s written permission is necessary for the holding of job interviews or sales conferences. The hotel reserves the right to cancel or stop any events not formally agreed in advance. In such a case paragraph 4 terms of trading comes into affect (rental charges and compensation).


 6) The hotel is obliged to attempt to rent out rooms or conference facilities to other guests (for unused bookings). The costs are then waived for secondary bookings. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to allow certain events or functions to take place. This involves situations where the smooth running of the hotel (potential accidents or Acts of God) is in any way compromised; this also includes the hotel`s reputation.
7)Block bookings can be provisionally booked up until 14 days before arrival. Should less rooms be required than provisionally requested, only the minimum fixed booking is payable (if the others are cancelled 14 days before – at the latest).


8) The hotel reserves the right to amend prices in situations where the time of booking and actually staying extend 6 months. This can be implemented without prior  warming. Any charges in the V.A.T. rate are automatically credited or debited to the guest.


9) All prices, including V.A.T. are in Euro.


10) Credit cards (Visa, Diner and Eurocard) are not accepted for services paid in advance by the hotel such as beach surtaxes.


11) No liability is accepted by the hotel for any losses, breakages or damage to objects or equipment brought into conference rooms for meetings or events. All decorations have to meet German Health and Safety requirements.


12) The hotel`s permission is needed in cases where equipment is brought onto the hotel`s premises. The event organizer is liable for any damage, caused by the setting up or removal of equipment, to the hotel`s fixtures and fittings. This would be in accordance with legal regulations.


13) Technical problems regarding hotel  equipment, will be sorted out by hotel personnel. A discount on faulty hotel equipment may be given at the hotel`s discretion. This doesn`t apply to room costs.


14) Should one clause of the contract for any reason be invalid, it doesn`t affect the rest of the agreement.


15) Any differing arrangements have to be made and mutually agreed in written form.
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