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The Heerens Hotel linked with the history of Emden

1861 Building application of the family Heeren. At this time, a gas plant was completed in the adjacent Lienbahnstreet. On October 10th, 1861 the first gas lanterns were alight.
1870 Completion of the hotel with integration of stables for the horse trade. There are rings to tie horses on, left on the outer walls of the hotel as relics. The location at the central station and the proximity to the Borkum ferries, which at that time still started in the Old Inland Port, offered good development opportunities for the hotel and restaurant industry.

The seaport city of Emden took an economic boom at the time of the German Empire (1871-1918) to the third largest German North Sea port after Hamburg and Bremen. In 1888, the Ems-Jade-Canal and the “Kettlel Lock” were completed, which significantly improved the drainage conditions in Emden. In 1913 the “Great Sea Lock” was inaugurated. With an internal length of 260 meters she was at this time the largest sea lock in the world.

During National Socialism the hotel was used by the National Socialists. During the war, the cellar ceilings and walls were reinforced, so that the cellar was suitable as an air-raid-shelter. Up to 5400 persons could find protection in basements prepared like this in Emden.

1940, the siren signal "air-raid" was set up and to seek protection in these shelters during an air-raid became mandatory. In October 1940, the construction of 35 large air-raid-shelters began, some of which are still preserved as contemporary witnesses.


In the former Bahnhofsstreet, today's Friedrich-Ebert-Street, some houses have survived the war unscathed, which is remarkable considering of the approximately 85% destruction of Emden and the proximity of the hotel to the then main station of the city.

After the First World War, the building became the first hotel in the place. Important people such as Bismarck and Emperor Wilhelm II, later the Lower Saxony Prime Minister Albrecht, Loriot, Gerhard Schroeder, Otto Waalkes and many other personalities were welcomed as guests in our hotel. Then it became quiet around the hotel, because large, modern buildings were in vogue.

After a complete renovation, the house, now under total protection, offers our guests, in times of recollection, a touch of tradition in a modern ambience and a cozy atmosphere.

The team of Heerens Hotel wishes you a relaxing stay.

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